Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Growing Herbs Inside

For people who reside in an apartment or condo and are interested in planting a garden but have a modest amount of space on hand to them, growing herbs inside is the ideal answer. And for those who desire to have fresh herbs right through the year, growing herbs inside whether it's one plant or five, can provide what you require.  Whether you're growing herbs as a food additive or to have an large quantity of flowering and fragrant herbs to display on the windowsill, balcony, patio or screened porch, growing herbs inside is easy to do and requires little maintenance or time.  

Successfully Growing Herbs Inside  

Growing herbs inside can be very successful but in order to achieve this requires several specific steps in order to make it possible. First, the herbs need to be planted, either from seed or a plant, in a large enough container that will allow the plant to grow and expand. Next, the soil needs to be a high quality potting soil and there needs to be good drainage within the container. For growing herbs inside that will be healthy, it is vital that they be placed in a location that provides at least 6 hours of full sun. Grow lights can be used to aid in prolonging the light needed. It's also important that the temperature be moderate for the plants. Some herbs are better suited for indoors such as rosemary, chives and oregano while others, such as basil and fennel, are not well-suited to growing indoors. 

Options For Growing Herbs Inside

For ornamental herb plants such as sage and scented geraniums, growing herbs inside is possible but there is also the option of creating a container herb garden. A container herb garden works well when there are areas available such as a patio or screened porch where large containers can be filled with different types of herbs as well as flowering herbs.  While the indoor herbs are usually in smaller containers and regulated to windowsills, container gardens can use larger vessels such as clay pots or even window boxes that are not only decorative, but will also allow for a larger number of herb plants to be grown year round. As the weather changes, container gardens can be easily moved inside. Container gardens are an asset when it comes to having little or no yard space for a traditional garden.  

Reminders For Growing Herbs Inside 

In order to have the best tasting and most fragrant herbs, keep in mind when growing herbs inside that they need a lot of sunlight, good drainage, moderate temperatures, watering only when needed, a quality potting soil and depending on the type of herb, a minimum of plant food.

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