Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Herb Container Garden Techniques

Establishing  a herb container garden for your home not only gives  you the chance of growing fresh herbs year-round for a assortment of uses, in addition it provides an eco-friendly method of decorating your patio, sunroom or balcony. Using ornamental ceramic pots, clay urns, wooden window boxes or any distinctive item that can serve as a plant holder for your herb container garden will add color and fragrance wherever you decide to place them.  

Benefits Of A Herb Container Garden 

There are plenty of reasons for having a herb container garden versus a traditional herb garden in your yard. Besides having the ability of growing fresh herbs throughout the year right at your fingertips, the herb container garden, once set up with the proper supplies, requires little care. With proper light, soil, drainage and water, the plants tend to take care of themselves. Additionally, herb plants tend to be mostly pest free. A herb container garden can be a convenient way of growing fresh herbs without all of the work a traditional garden requires. The containers should be portable so they can be moved inside during cold weather, they're decorative and fragrant, they take up little space and they're good for the environment. 

Creating A Herb Container Garden 

Creating a herb container garden for your home can be easily achieved with just a few supplies. Basically, the main item to be concerned with is the container itself. It must be large enough to accommodate the plants, stones and soil but it must also be a size that is easily moved from the outside to the inside during cold weather. If you plan to have a herb container garden only during the warmer months that are conducive to gardening, then how large and how portable the container is will not be an issue. Regardless of the portability of the container, it must provide excellent drainage for the plants.  

Putting Together A Herb Container Garden 

Once you've selected the type of herbs you want for your herb container garden, depending on the size of the container used, place several small rocks or stones inside the container which will help with water drainage. Fill the container with an appropriate amount of soil, place the herb plants inside, add a little water if the potting soil is very dry and then add more potting soil. Place the container in a location that will provide full sunlight and water only as necessary.

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