Friday, October 24, 2008

Get The Family Involved With A Chia Herb Garden

With the new chia herb garden growing your herbs has never been easier. Everything you need to grow your herbs comes packaged with this set. With the chia herb garden, growing herbs is so easy it offers a great way to get children involved in the fun. Everyone can have their own herb to take care of as each kit comes with multiple pots and seeds. From seed to in your food, this kit will provide your family with a lot of fun as you grow your own herb garden for the kitchen.

What Comes With A Chia Herb Garden

Four small terra cotta pots with matching saucers comes with each chia herb garden kit. Saucer liners are also included which will help prevent water from leaking through the terra cotta saucer. Their simple decorative design will look great in your kitchen.

You have a little bit of a choice as to what you want to plant in the terra cotta pots as six different types of seed packets are provided. The varieties of seeds included with your chia herb garden are dill, sweet basil, curled parsley, chives, cilantro, and sweet marjoram.

A plant marker for each of the six varieties of herbs can be used to identify which pot contains which herb.

Also, packaged in the set are four specially designed chia growing sponges. These will provide the medium in which your seeds will grow.

The most important piece of your chia herb garden kit is going to be the directions. In the direction booklet you will find everything you need to know about growing and maintaining your herbs from seed to maturity. Also included in the direction booklet are a number of recipes that incorporate the fresh herbs you are growing in your chia herb garden.

How Do I Grow My Chia Herb Garden

In a few simple steps you can easily plant your chia herb garden. The first thing you will need to do is moisten the chia growing sponges for each of the pots. Once they have taken form you will want to drop one into each of the four pots.

After you have chosen your four seed varieties take the first package and distribute the seeds on top of the chia growing sponge. For the other three seed packages continue the same process.

You will begin to see your seeds sprout with regular watering. Once they reach a certain size you will be able to transplant them to an outdoor garden if you wish too. The instruction book covers transplanting if you decide to do it.

Growing your herbs has never been easier with the new chia herb garden. This set comes packaged with everything you need to raise your herbs...View more free pieces of writing at

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