Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orchid Care

            Any flower or plant will require a good amount of looking after, none more so then the orchid. The orchid is a tender flower that must be carefully looked after for maximum growth potential. The orchid must be planted correctly, with the right feed, the lights must be correct, and temps must also be accurate. After all that you must know when and how to water the orchid. All of this is worth it for the simple beauty an Orchid can provide.


            Low light is necessary for certain orchids to grown and mature. The orchids that will need low light are called warm weather orchids. Typically they should be put in a place in the house that isn’t too sunny. Warm weather orchids are usually the Paphiopedilum or Lady Slipper, Phananelposis, and the Oncidium. These orchids should be behind the curtains, blinds, or even in a corner of the house. The leaves of the orchid should be a bright green color, if the color is different it probably means the orchid is getting either too much, or not enough light.


            Another set of Orchids need larger amounts of light, these orchids are called high light orchids. The high light orchids are ones that grow best with plenty of sun light, so you most likely want to place them in direct view of the sun in your house. The high light orchids are also healthy when they have the vivid green color leaves, if the color is off it probably means they need more light. The high light orchids are called the Cattleya, Dendrobium, and Vanda.


            Temperatures must fluctuate for each type of orchid in order for it to stay healthy. Static temperatures, like you would find in an incubator will hurt, and eventually kill orchids. Temperatures should range from 80 degrees during the day, to as low as 55 degrees during the evening hours. In order for the orchid to bloom it needs to store carbohydrate energy during the day, to survive the cold nights. If it is able to do this it will blossom into a robust flower full of color.


            Make sure to water the orchids early in the day so they are able to dry out by night. Orchids are tender flowers when it comes to watering and must be treated carefully in order to achieve the best results possible. Orchids should be watered as early in the morning as possible to gain the best chance for dry out by evening.


            The type of water used with orchids is extremely important. Orchids are best fit for rain water, because tap water typically has chemicals in it such as chlorine. Rain water will help the orchids reach its full growth potential each day, without compromising its colors, and natural beauty.


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