Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spice Up Your Cooking With Fresh Culinary Herbs From The Garden

Nothing can make a difference in a meal like adding fresh herbs instead of dried herbs. You can get fresh herbs at your grocery store but they do not store for very long and they can be expensive. Creating your own culinary herb garden is one alternative. Most herbs are easy to grow and maintain and can continue to provide for you throughout the course of the year.

You can begin growing your own culinary herb garden right in your own kitchen with some small pots and a few packages of seeds. If you would prefer to keep your plants outside you will have no problem creating a culinary herb garden there either.

Plant Different Types Of Culinary Herbs In Your Garden

It is fun to create a culinary herbal garden that features multiple types of plants. One popular herb plant that should certainly be in a culinary garden is sweet basil. Basil smells wonderful when it's growing and brings so much additional flavor to meals when added fresh. Dried basil is generally unable to capture the true taste of basil. If you like to make your own pesto now you can have your own fresh basil to use in it.

Growing rosemary in your garden serves two purposes. Today it is predominantly used in a culinary fashion. Foods in the Mediterranean region are commonly seasoned with Rosemary. As an added bonus rosemary is a source of iron and calcium. Rosemary can also be used in a medicinal form as well.

You might want to make sure you have some Thyme planted in your culinary herb garden if you enjoy Greek, French, or even Spanish cooking. This herb is used to add flavor to a variety of meats and adds a little flavor kick to eggs. Thyme also has antiseptic qualities that have been used for centuries.

Sage makes another great addition to a culinary herb garden and has the added bonus of producing beautiful flowers. Sage is said to have numerous medicinal benefits as well.

Whatever you decide to plant, do not forget to have a little fun with your garden. With the different varieties of plants you have selected create a unique herb garden design. Organize them according to how they are used. Just make sure wherever your herb plants are located they are meeting the requirements they need to grow and have the appropriate amount of space. Otherwise your hard work will be wasted and you will be forced to start all over again.

Nothing can make a difference in a meal like adding fresh herbs. With small pots and a some packages of seeds you can start growing your own culinary herb garden right in your own kitchen...View more articles at

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