Friday, January 2, 2009

Indoor Herb Garden

Instead of planting a big outdoor herb garden consider planting one indoors instead.Many smaller varieties and dwarf varieties herbs grow completely well in small pots which can be placed on a sill of window of kitchen.  Now when you are cooking you do not have to run to your outside garden to pick a few herbs to add to your cooking.  You can just simply turnaround and grab a few leaves!

Growing your own indoor herb garden is easy.  Many kits are available that have everything that you need to get started.  Look for the chia herb garden which is a fun way to get the kids involved too.  With an indoor herb garden you can enjoy the same benefits that you would outside but with a few distinct advantages.

Advantages Of An Indoor Herb Garden

With an indoor herb garden you can easily monitor your plants.  You will notice quickly if they need any maintenance.  If they need a quick misting you can accomplish the task with little effort.  Outdoor gardens are more frequently overlooked.  Indoors you will not have issues with bugs eating the leaves of your herbs.  You will not have to contend with trying to find a safe chemical that can be used to treat your herbs to keep bugs away. 

When it is time to harvest all of your fresh herbs you can do it within the comfort of your own home.  You will not have to deal with mosquitoes or other bugs while you are trying to garden.

When you plant an indoor herb garden you can bring in the wonderful fragrance that they provide.  Now your kitchen will smell delicious like fresh basil or rosemary.  Being surrounded by the fragrances of an indoor herb garden might even inspire your cooking.  Any meals you do cook will now taste even better as you will be able to add fresh herbs instead of dried herbs that have been sitting in a cabinet.

Having an indoor herb garden will also protect any other plants that might be in your garden.  Some species of herbs are known to be extremely invasive.  Once they start growing they are hard to stop and before you know it your herb garden has taken over.  By planting your herbs in small individual pots inside you can control its spreading.

Plants can make indoor spaces feel warm and cozy.  Why not add a few practical plants to your kitchen to achieve the same result.  You can generate an inviting atmosphere while growing herbs to use in your cooking.

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