Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do It Yourself Landscape Design Made Easy With 3D Landscape Software

Do you recognize the following image? "You have read true all kind of gardening and landscaping books and free landscaping ideas online, your head is filled with all kind of ideas, you have drawn some sketches but you still are not sure if your ideas will fit to your garden." What you need is 3D landscape software so you can visualize into detail what your ideas will look like in real life.

Getting disapointed is very easy because visualizing your ideas is quit difficult. Not to speak about the money it can cost you when you have bought that beautiful tree, dug a huge hole and then when it finally is placed realizing that it takes all the light out of your sitting area and your kitchen.

These are the kind of mistakes that are very common and can easily be prevented when you buy some proper 3d landscape software. In the end it will save you time, money and a lot of disappointment. The cost of 3d landscape software can vary from thousands of dollars for professional 3d landscape software to absolutely free in the case of open source software. It is up to you what kind of software you buy at the end.

What does 3d landscape software do?

With most 3d landscape software you are able to plan your garden with the shape and design of your home and garden and suited for your climate. The expensive software make it possible to use scans of your home and the surroundings of your home to create a realistic picture. Other software let you choose from some possible home designs so you still have to visualize your own home into the picture.

You can select from thousands of trees, plants, and flowers to make the 3D visualisation much easier with 3d landscape software. You can even watch them grow by changing their age, or see what they'll look like through the seasons.

Watch out for the steep learning curve

Something else you need to consider when choosing 3d landscape software is the learning curve because there is a big difference between these products. Some are intuitive and have easy instructions while other can take you a long time if you want to understand how to use the software. It can be complicated to create the ideas you have in your head with the computer software. Some times 3D landscape software is so hard to learn that actually landscaping your yard takes less time then learning to work with the software. And I am sure that that is not what you want.

So what are the things you need to look for in good 3d landscape software?

  • Easy to Use
  • Good instructions
  • A wide variety of plants, trees and flowers to choose from
  • view of the landscape from different angles
  • gardening supply you need

With the right 3d landscape software you will be able to make wonderful plans, check if the ideas you have can be realized in your garden and save money and time during the process.

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