Saturday, January 24, 2009

House Plant Care Help

Plants are commonly found in homes across North America and Europe. With an endless variety of types available for purchase, there is a variety for everyone. Unlike many things, adding the living touch of a plant to your home or office can be very inexpensive, with little to no cost to keep. As water, fertilizer and light are the only requirements for a plant's survival, it comes as no surprise that many people have tried to grow plants.

Its a fact that lots of folk are taking home plants to another level and taking up home hydroponics.

Hydroponic growing allows you to grow plants indoors without the need for soil and is now a hugely popular hobby.

Because so many have wilted purchased house plants that they have tried to care for, most people are convinced they have black thumbs. Without proper soil, your plant cannot live. By nourishing the soil, you can make sure the roots of your plant has access to all things required to keep your plant living and well.

There may be other factors at play if your plants are still dying. Things like bottled water may be the cause of plant death, as some variants strip the water of all nutrients, which your plants need to survive. Another common cause of plant death is the exposure to pets or children. Pets and children can damage the leaves, which can result in plant fatality.

Even if you have always believed you have a black thumb, it is not impossible to learn how to keep plants living. You might even try growing your own with home hydroponics anytime in the near future!

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