Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gardening Options

There are many options when deciding to start gardening, such as what type of garden to start.Home gardening still becomes more popular, although not always in the traditional ways it took place in the past.More people live in apartments and condominiums that ever before, so traditional methods of gardening do not work in those situations.  However, that does not mean that those people have to miss out on the rich rewards offered through the experience of gardening.

Options for Apartments

Container gardening is one of the best options for gardening in a smaller place such as an apartment or condominium.All that container gardening means is that the plants are grown either indoors or on a deck or porch where they are potted in containers where they grow.There are ways to grow flowers and vegetables in these containers as long as the care that is required goes into the entire process. 

Container gardening requires that the soil in the containers is potting soil so that it holds the nutrients and also the water that is needed.Container gardening also requires that the plants be watered more frequently than outside plants of the same species, since they tend to dry out more quickly in the smaller pots.In addition, although the plants require sunlight, plants in containers get much hotter than those outside in direct sunlight, so the container gardener should be careful to monitor where the pots are placed and give them plenty of water.

Options for the Health Conscious

Organic gardening is a great choice for those who are health conscious and do not want to put foreign chemicals in their bodies.Organic gardening means that the gardener does not use traditional pesticides or fertilizers in growing the plants.  Extreme organic gardeners do not even buy seeds that are not certified to be organic.  That way they can be assured that the vegetables and fruit from start to finish are safe and healthy.

Organic gardening does take more preparation on the front end than traditional gardening, as well as research as different pest problems are encountered so that they can be solved through organic means.  However, the payoff for the extra work is great when fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruits grace the salads and meals.

The way that organic gardeners get around the fertilizer issue is through the use of compost.  Compost piles are easy to start; with just a few grass clippings or leaves the gardener is on his way to great mulch.

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