Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Black Orchid Flower and Its Mystical Image

The image of a black flower stirs up many emotions in people’s minds.  On the other hand, when people think of the tropical orchid flower, they often picture vivid colors.  Flowers range from the soft pastels to dark, passionate reds.  Could there ever be such a thing as a truly black orchid flower?  There are thousands of variations of orchid, often referred to as species of orchids.New hybrid variations are regularly being created, both naturally and by practiced orchid growers.

The idea of a black flower is something mystical, which makes the idea of a hybrid black orchid flower an intriguing one.  A black orchid is on the same level as mystical creatures such as unicorns.  They are already an exotic and unique plant.  Having them in a color that is impossibly rare in nature elevates the orchid to something special.

Thus far, no completely black flowers have been found in nature, although some very dark hues of purple have been found that resemble black.  However, if you investigate these flowers closely they will definitely have a purple shade to them.  The idea of black flowers is interesting imagery that appeals in popular culture.  You can see examples of black orchids mentioned in song lyrics, comic book heroes, a Doctor Who episode, or perfume by Tom Ford.  Though they may never be seen in real life, black orchid flowers or black roses can create a vivid image in the mind of the listener.  The combination of a beautiful flower with such a dark color instantly makes an impact.

If a truly black orchid flower could ever be created or discovered in nature, there will be great demands on many levels.Enthusiastic growers and gardeners will be interested in buying the plant to cultivate.  Others might be interested in purchasing cut flowers for accents to other colored bouquets.  Use of the image would also become more prevalent than it already is.  It is surprising to many people when they find out that the flower does not currently exist.

Perhaps some orchid enthusiast will discover a hybrid that allows for a completely black orchid flower.  Selling this type of plant could be a very lucrative venture -- perhaps if you want to be rich this is an avenue you might want to pursue!

There are currently several ways of coloring flowers.  The simplest one is to place the flower into water that is mixed with an interesting color dye.Orchids don't usually do well with this technique, however, because of the way they absorb water into their system with their roots.  Flowers dyed with this method tend to have streaks of color following the pattern of the veins.  At the moment, the only way to create a perfectly black orchid flower for your home is to have one made of silk.  Many companies do sell realistic looking silk flowers, so this might be an interesting option for people who are interested in the flower.

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