Monday, January 12, 2009

The Best Garden Tools

It is necessary for you to invest in some basic tools in order to start a garden. However, such tools will certainly not be costing you too much. Yard sales or flea markets may well make such tools available for you at costs even below a hundred dollars. In any case it is better to avoid purchasing the expensive tools while starting the practice of gardening because it might be that interest in gardening is lost very soon and the entire investment in garden tools turns out to be a loss.


Starting with the shovel and the rake- the two basic garden tools now there are quite a few basic tools for gardening that are available. Among these you can proceed to buy the things that you will really need more.


The spading fork is to be chosen as the first and foremost garden tool. This is because before any kind of planting is to be done the soil needs to be opened and improved. The spading fork will dig into hard soil and break up the ground. Next comes the need of a hoe. This is used in weeding and cultivating the surface of the soil in order to facilitate the penetration of water and plant nutrients.


A watering can is to be selected next. While choosing this it is to be remembered that long nozzles are preferable as they allow the water to come out at a gentle rate of flow and also prove to be helpful in reaching across longer distances. For watering young seedlings the watering can with a detachable spray head is best suited.


A round-ended shovel is to be importantly selected. This proves to be useful in case of larger digging projects like planting of shrubs and trees. There is also the need to buy a good bow rake- the one that has short tines on a side attached to a metal frame or bow. This comes of use in leveling the soil after the soil has been turned out before planting. It also helps in removing large chunks of earth or rocks from the soil. The bow rake can also be turned over and its flat side used for smoothing soil for planting preparation.


Finally, a pair of garden shears fitting comfortably in hand is to be opted for. The shears or clippers as they are sometimes referred to, serve the object of pruning, shaping and removing leaves or branches. There are expensive shears available too but these are only to be opted for in case gardening really becomes a fascinating hobby.


Over time and upon longer usage the tools used for gardening may become dull. This brings the need to sharpen them. The right file is to be chosen for sharpening. Large coarse files are meant especially for trimming and shaping materials and for smoothening and shaping edges small fine files are to be used.

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