Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why the Bamboo Orchid Is Sought After As an Indoor Plant

One of the most prized flower species in the world is the orchid, of which there are thousands of variations.  One of the most beautiful and admired types of orchid is the bamboo orchid plant.  Some orchid varieties are inexpensive or simple to take care of, while others are rare and need specific environments.The bamboo orchid is an unusual breed of orchid, and should be cared for by an advanced gardener.

The flowers of the bamboo orchid plant are typically soft purples, pinks, or whites.These flowers give out a lovely aroma.  The plant is quite different from other species of orchids because it can grow as tall as five feet high when it is in the wild.  It receives its name from the tall, stiff stem of the plant.  It can resemble reeds or bamboo, which is quite different from other orchid varieties.  Normally they flower through the summer and early autumn, however there are some environments in the world where the blooms can be found all year.  Because of the beautiful colors and fragrances of the flowers, they attract numerous species of butterflies, birds, and bees.

In the wild, the bamboo orchid plant is found in the Pacific Islands and parts of Asia.  However, it can now be found in locations such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Hawaii.  Though there are more areas than ever where the plant is growing, it is still at risk of extinction in several of its native habitats.  Though there used to be many of these orchids growing wild in Singapore, it is now estimated that less than two hundred plants are present in the country.The drop in orchid population are closely tied to the destruction of the rainforest.  These tropical plants thrive in tropical forests that are frequently destroyed to create grazing land.

Experienced orchid growers can successfully care for the bamboo orchid plant indoors.  It is important to create the proper environment for the plant, so that it will grow and thrive.  The bamboo orchid naturally grows in humid environments.If you live in a dry location, you can simulate the humidity by placing a bowlful of water close to the orchid.  As the water slowly evaporates, it will simulate humidity for the plant.  While the orchid needs some sun during the day, it also needs shade.  Placing your plant near a window should give it enough exposure to light.  If you live in a tropical location, you may be able to grow your bamboo orchid outside.

Each variety of orchid has a specific set of environmental needs that have to be met for its success.  If you want to try your hand at growing a bamboo orchid plant, consider visiting a garden center or orchid association for advice on what your plant will need.  They will help you find a suitable plant and make sure that you have the proper setting and food for it to bloom and thrive.

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