Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why After Bloom Care Of Orchids Is An Essential Ingredient In Growing A Beautiful Garden

Orchids are one of the most prized flowers for gardeners, because of their vast array of colors, shapes, and breeds.  Successful growing and after bloom care of orchids rely on specific environmental needs.  Orchids can be very picky flowers.  They need plenty of light and the correct amount of humidity to reach their potential.  There are many ways that the home gardener can improve their odds of successfully raising these beautiful plants.

Orchid Bark

Orchids have very specific nutritional needs and also require lots of water.They are frequently considered an exceptionally thirsty plant, both during the growing and after bloom care of orchids.  One additive that is crucial for home orchid growing is orchid bark.  It is created with a special blend of nutrients that add to the well being of the plant.It allows air to pass through also, which is crucial for healthy plants.

Orchid Gardens

There are many resources available online and in the community to aid in orchid growing. Creating a beautiful orchid garden depends on the after bloom care of orchids.  You will need to begin by choosing a location for your plants.  Make sure that the spot has enough light and humidity, which can be increased by placing the plants near a water source.  Outdoor orchid gardens can benefit from springs or creeks.  They will both increase the humidity of the surrounding air and help keep the soil damp.

The next step is to choose the right kind of orchid bark for your specific plant. Research is key to this step.  There are many resources that will help you choose the right orchid bark blend for your variety of orchid.Conferring with the staff at your local orchid nursery is a great place to begin, because they are experts at after bloom care of orchids.  The internet and nearby orchid associations will also have information.  Orchid bark can be found in both medium grade and regular.  Each of these products contributes something different to the soil.Once you get all of your components purchased, you can begin to look at the landscaping and decoration of your orchid garden.

Such exotic plants look beautiful with features like a little fish pond or decorative rocks. Placing a white picket fence around the perimeter of your garden will create a charming, quaint environment and will also help deter animals that would try to eat your orchids.  For all the attention you pay to the after bloom care of orchids, a single visit by local deer or rabbits could eliminate your blooms.  However, some types of wildlife will add to the beauty of your garden.  Try placing a hummingbird feeder in a tree near your garden to attract the tiny birds.

Creating a beautiful orchid garden is dependant on taking proper care of the plants. Follow all the orchid growing tips carefully to ensure that you are giving your orchids exactly what they need.  All the work will result in an exotic and unique garden that will bring tremendous joy.

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