Thursday, December 11, 2008

Planting Your First Herb Garden

After you have decided that you would like to plant your first herb garden you might be trying to figure out where to start.  You will need to decide where you would like to plant your herb garden.  You can grow an indoor herb garden as well as an outdoor garden.  Picking which herbs you would like to grow will be necessary.  Location for the garden and type of herb will need to correlate.  Planting an herb that likes the direct sun in a shady location will not result in a successful garden.

Because it is your first herb garden it might be in your best interest to start out small.  Pick only one or two herbs that have similar requirements to grow.  Once you have had success with those two then you can add more into the garden.  Also keep in mind that each herb plant yields a considerable amount of food so you do not want to overplant anything or you might end up with too much to use before it goes bad.

Once you have decided on a location and the herbs you would like to grow it is time to get started.  Pay careful attention to the requirements noted on each of the packages for your herbs. Plant each herb according to the directions into your new herb garden.  Pay special attention to the germination time so you can begin to watch for sprouts.  In no time at all you will have fresh herbs in your garden that you can season your favorite meals with.

How Do I Store Items From My Herb Garden

The best way to store herbs that you have picked fresh from your garden is to dry them.  Drying herbs is relatively easy.  Once you have picked the herbs you want to store make sure to thoroughly wash them and let the water dry off.  Once they are free of the excess moisture you will want to fasten the stems together with some string.  Place your prepared herbs into a paper bag.  You will need a location where you hang the herbs inside for a few weeks until the drying process is complete. 

After you remove the herbs crumble them up into pieces.  Spread them out on a pan and cover them with a cloth to dry out a little further.  When complete all you need to do is add your herbs to airtight jars to keep them preserved for use during the colder months when fresh herbs are not readily available from your herb garden.

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