Monday, December 8, 2008

Landscaped Garden Maintanance

Landscaping a garden is an  important part of the building of a house. It is an enjoyable way of making the exterior part of the house look beautiful. However, problems may arise in maintaining your landscaped garden).

The following examples are effective solutions for the maintanence of your landscaped garden and will provide a solutions for those problem areas:

1.    If the garden is too rocky, the rocks may be used as a design that will create a beautiful rock garden. Putting the excess rocks together to create a slope will add a natural look in your garden. The slope that is formed with these rocks will form an unique and attractive feature

2.    If the problem is too much sunlight in the garden that causes drought, the solution is to use plants that are low maintenance and can be planted even in direct sunlight. The plants will survive even when there is less water or too much sunlight.

3.    Another maintenance solution if the garden has too much sunlight is to plant shade trees at the corners of the garden. This will keep sensitive plants away from direct sunlight and will help to keep your soil moist. Regular watering should be continued if needed.  

4.    Sometimes the garden becomes too shady which makes it difficult to grow certain plants. The solution for this is to choose plants that can survive even in the shade.

5.    If there are weeds or unwanted plants growing in the garden, they should be pulled. You must pull the weed and its roots to prevent the weed from growing back. Trimming and cutting the weeds will only give temporary results. It is best to pull everything out to stop the problem returning.

These are common solutions to some problems encountered in the maintainance of a landscaped garden). To make the maintenance job easy, it is recommended that you tend the garden regularly. This will prevent small problems from getting out of hand. If your landscaped garden is well maintained, your plants and trees will last a long time and will save you money as you will not have to buy new plants or accessories.

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