Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Indoor Organic Gardening

Whether you're growing plants indoors in your home or you are use a greenhouse for indoor organic gardening, the process is still the same. There's a lot more to organic gardening than just getting rid of dangerous chemicals and unnatural substances from the products you use every day to help your plants grow. It is the whole gamut of giving the healthiest food substances to your plants as well as ensuring they stay pest-free, by pitting 'good pests' against 'bad pests' rather than relying on chemicals. It's similar to the farmer who puts a scarecrow in the garden to repel the crows. It's a matter of utilizing products that are on hand, and making use of our resources to combat the problems during indoor organic gardening.

If you are going to have an indoor garden, it is more important to do organically as opposed to an outside garden. Perhaps that doesn't sound politically correct, but in essence, you are putting your own family at risk if you use harsh chemicals on the plants you grow indoors. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't care just as much if you're growing things outdoors, but outdoors, oftentimes the natural elements in the air will eliminate many of the toxins that might otherwise become a part of the plants themselves, but when you grow things indoors, you do not have the potential for that to happen. Thus, it's more important to practice indoor organic gardening for the safety of your family and those who may enter the building where your plants are housed.

Being restricted to use of smaller areas is one of the challenges of organic gardening indoors. You, of course, want to choose plants that you are going to grow contingent upon the space you have available so that they will be able to grow properly, and you can keep them healthy for the duration of the time they must be indoors. For example, unless you have a greenhouse, you are not going to grow lettuce, potatoes, or corn because there isn't enough room. In fact, one couldn't even grow corn in a greenhouse, though they may attempt lettuce or potatoes if it's a big enough building.

When growing organic plants indoors, make sure plants have space to grow and to use organic pest control rather than chemicals. If you haven't planted indoors before, make sure you know exactly what is required before you begin and have all the organic products you need closely.

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