Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maintaining A Hydroponics Vegetables Greenhouse

Hydroponics is not only an easily-learned method of growing, it is also simple to sustain and is completely eco friendly. Would starting a vegetable greenhouse using hydroponics be an option? You can practice hydroponics, even little kids have been taught to in a classroom setting. 

Hydroponics Is Really Healthy For The Environment And For Your Family As Well

You can be eco friendly by using the hydroponics method and have the benefit of fresh fruit and vegetable grown without pesticides and herbicides. Lettuce, tomatoes, chilli peppers, bean sprouts are just some of the examples of easy crops to grow. 

When you choose a hydroponics vegetables greenhouse, you will be able to enjoy vegetables and fruits all year round.  Imagine having all the fresh herbs you want.  You can have a continuous supply of your favorite herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, chives, chervil, parsley, sorrel, mint, sage, cilantro and dill and many other herbs. 

The Positive Side Of Hydroponics Compared To Regular Field Crops

A couple of advantages that the hydroponics growing method has over conventional field crops is that the roots are always exposed to oxygen, water and nutrients in a controlled environment.  Instead of setting up a sprinkler system or hauling the hose around outside, you can conserve water by growing your plants using the hydroponics growing method. 

For a field crop, the quality of its exposure to water will determine how much oxygen the plants are getting.  Not enough water and the plant will dry up from too much air and oxygen while too much water will not let the plant gets the oxygen it needs.  A crop field can compete with a hydroponics plant for growth only if the soil and watering system is excellent.

Air Fertilization for your Greenhouse

There are some special considerations that are involved with a hydroponics vegetables greenhouse and that includes the fact that during the winter, the levels of carbon dioxide can be lower in the middle of the hydroponics vegetables greenhouse and that means those center plants will not grow as much as the others.  You can remedy this through the practice of enriching the greenhouse atmosphere with carbon dioxide, a practice known as air fertilization. 

To get a good harvest from the hydroponics vegetables greenhouse you do not need to have any gardening experiance. A hydroponics vegetables greenhouse gives you the controlled environment that can meet your family’s needs.

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