Monday, October 27, 2008

Growing Fresh Herbs – What You Need To Know

Do you want to provide your family with wholesome food and save money in the process? Well growing fresh herbs is the way to create a tasty meal and nutritious meal. The effort is well worth it as it takes very little effort on your behalf in growing the fresh herbs and the rewards of growing culinary herbs in food cannot be beaten.


Growing Fresh Herbs – Your Choice


Start by choosing the herbs you plan to use often if you're growing fresh herbs for the first time. For example, if Italian cooking is your strong point then oregano would be a good first choice as it complements tomato based recipes. Other herbs to consider would be caraway, parsley and chervil that go well with soups salads and stews. Basil, marjoram and tarragon work with meat dishes while cilantro adds zest to soups and beans. Rosemary and sage add savory flavor to stuffing and chamomile and sweet woodruff make fragrant teas.


Options for Growing Fresh Herbs


Depending on how much time you have and the garden space will dictate what herbs you will want to plant and harvest in your garden. But here are several options for growing fresh herbs.


Your Traditional Garden


If you have space in your back garden for a conventional garden and you have an assortment of different herb plants to grow, then creating a traditional patch in your backyard would be the best way. For convenience sake try and keep the herb garden close to the house so you can step outside and quickly cut some herbs. Make sure the plot is in an area that has direct sunlight and is well-drained.


The Indoor Garden


If you lack space then growing fresh herbs, in an indoor environment, can work well. For an indoor garden you will only be able to grow a few herbs. Make sure that you select a sunny window and a stable windowsill to place them on. Check for pests and water occasionally and the plants should flourish and produce flavorful herbs


The Container Garden


The container garden gives you the option of having a larger quantity of herbs that can be placed outside. The containers only requirement is that they can provide good drainage. This type of garden is considered transportable as the containers used for growing fresh herbs can be moved at any time required. Container gardens are convenient for anyone who does not have the time to keep an actual garden but desires to grow a large amount of herbs.


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