Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fountains: A Garden’s Best Friend

            Adding water to your garden, or landscape can be a daunting task filled with plumbing nightmares, and flash floods galore. When done the right way adding water to your garden can lead to envy from all the neighbors. Water is the secret luxury gardens and landscapes can’t do without. Many landscape enthusiasts turn their green thumb down at water as an over the top waste of time and money. However research has shown that water relieves stress, calms the nerves, and creates feelings of tranquility within oneself. Further water, streams, and fountains found in gardens add character and class to an average yard.


            Selecting a fixture that is proportionate to your land should be the first step in adding a fountain to your landscape. Yards come in every imaginable shape, size, and form. Some yards, and gardens are as big as entire town, others are as small as few inches. The first step in selecting a fountain that will fit in your garden is finding out what size would be right. This doesn’t mean you need the measuring tape, or a ruler to find this out. Look at the bigger picture and come up with a general plan as to what size would work for your needs. For example, if you have a small garden, you might note that you want a fountain no bigger then a few feet tall and a few feet wide. This should give you enough information to make the right choice when purchasing a fountain.


            Maintaining the fixture is of up most importance. For those that think it should jut work on its own, think back to that kiddy pool that was left in your yard for two months, look at the water and see all the fun wildlife that has found their new home. Unless you want a pond with critters abound, maintain your water fixture weekly, if not daily to keep it looking fresh.


            Creative minds are rewarded in elegant looks that will impress the entire family. After installing the fountain your backyard try planting some flowers around it in a deliberate pattern. The more deliberate the pattern the better it will showcase your fountain.


            Ready for the next level yet? Similar to a tattoo, garden fountains are the type of garden supply that once you get one you need to have more. If you’re ready for more, try thinking outside the box, and over the top, literally over the top. Creating a waterfall can add great quality, and value to a garden. Waterfalls can be custom built, or purchased a prices lower now then ever before. For those that want more then the falls, try putting an exotic fresh water fish pond at the bottom of the falls. This can be done relatively easily with some basic fixtures available and most home and garden stores.

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