Friday, September 26, 2008

Succeed with container growing tomatoes

When you want to grow tomatoes but have very little space then you can always use containers for them. Container growing tomatoes will grow just as well as those grown in the main garden but you need to do a couple of things a bit differently to have good success.

Container growing tomatoes

You must choose suitable varieties for containers. Some varieties have such large fruits that this makes them unsuitable for growing in pots and containers. If you have ever grown tomatoes you now how much the y need feeding and watering. only marrows and pumkins come close. The large varieties need a larger root system to sustain the plants long enough and well enough to give you the large tomatoes you would want.

What you can grow very well in pots, tubs and containers are cherry tomato types and medium size tomatoes like Moneymaker and Ailsa.

The second thing you must do is to use only your largest containers and pots for tomatoes. Your plants need regular watering and feeding and to get really good plants the roots need plenty of space. If the roots do not have enough room to grow then neither will you tomatoes.

When the first truss of flowers appears then you should feed them weekly. I do this every Sunday morning without fail until the last fruits are present. Then you just continue with water. I use a dedicated tomato feed. The feed is useful for plenty of other types of plant so it is well worth the investment.

Growing tomatoes in pots

The final thing to do is to water at least once a day. Even if it rains I still water them because the pots dry out so quickly and the leaves of the plants deflect the water from the container. The tomatoes in a plot will grow naturally without too much extra help. Container growing tomatoes for small gardens work very well as long as you follow these simple tips.


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