Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Benefits of Backyard Ponds

The beauty of a backyard pond would have been enjoyed by many people from time to time. A backyard pond is more than just a landscape feature - it creates a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment. Backyard ponds create their own microclimate within your yard and give pleasure to your family and friends. But did you know that a pond in your garden can also benefit local wildlife?

Many species of fauna may enjoy the benefits that your pond will provide depending on where you live. Butterflies, birds, turtles, snails, fish, frogs and bugs all have something to gain from access to a pond. By attracting wildlife of this type, you can add to the enjoyment that your pond brings.

Humans Love Ponds Too

If you expand the term "local wildlife" to include your family and friends, you'll see that there are many benefits to creating a pond in your garden. Scientific studies have shown that there are benefits to one's physical wellbeing by practicint relaxation techniques and practicing relaxation techniques, and spending time by a backyard pond and listening to the trickle of water is certainly a relaxing experience. If you feel yourself becoming stressed, walking around your backyard pond and listening to the trickle of water may be just the thing you need to turn your bad day into a good one.

Backyard ponds can do so much for your life. They can be mean many things to different members of the family: a way of exploring nature, a quiet area for reflection and relaxation, a place to educate children about their environment or a unique landscaping feature.

Pond Pets

Backyard ponds can even provide an environment for special pets. Koi are fascinating pets that will be at home in your garden pond. Koi are a member of the carp family and can grow up to three feet long. Koi can be very long living fish - up to 50 years - so koi keeping should not be taken up lightly.

However, if you can make the commitment to care for your koi, they can add to the relaxation and tranquility of your pond. You'll enjoy watching these elegant and colorful fish interact with each other.

Designing Your Garden Pond

Due to the popularity of backyard ponds, you will find pond kits in nearly any garden center or superstore and you'll find easy instructions to build a backyard pond here. If you would prefer to have a professional handle the installation, many landscaping firms should be able to help and by grabbing a copy of "How To Build Your Own Garden Pond" you'll be well equipped to discuss your pond requirements.

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